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International Fashion Designer Barbi Bertrand:

models "Afrique Cerulean" from her Urban Jungle Collection 2014

Haven't you ever wanted to design your own dress? Yes you. Well now you certainly can, with my help.

Welcome to Fashion Bertrand:

Barbi Bertrand is a multi-talented, versatile, vibrant, youthful, and elegant fashion designer currently residing in Riverside and Los Angeles, California.  Her unique and innovative fashion designs cater to the client's tastes, skin tone, and personality. Barbi's designs and consultations on makeup, hair, nails, jewelry and accessories enhances the inner beauty of all who wear her designs.  Her clientele includes everyone from  models, performers and artists, celebrities, children,  high school and college students, ladies in the workforce, stay at home moms and even grand moms.  Bertrand's designs are timeless, ageless, and form fitted to celebrate any woman's body proportions.  Barbi ensures that each garment is tailor-made and customized for her clients.  

Look for Fashion Bertrand designs wherever life is enjoyed, from the metropolitan centers of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Miami, to Hollywood and Manhattan red carpet events, to the beach cities of the US, her designs are celebrated, and sought after.  

Barbi's passion for fashion design started in her youth and now at age sixty, she shows that her designs are pure elegance.  From African influenced colorful ready to wear, Bohemian 1960s and 1970s inspired designs to elegant 1940s-1950s vintage style gowns, Miss Bertrand is receiving national acclaim as an designer and dressmaker to keep your eye on.

Miss Bertrand is available for purchasing information, commissioned design consultations,  and viewings of her collections by appointment. To order an original custom made dress or schedule a consultation, please contact her at 909-816-2584 or email her at   I even make dolls fashionable. Come visit my DOLL STORE and see.

Psst, ladies, don't let men have all the bespoke fun.  You'll be thrilled at your beautiful new look once you decide to wear perfect fitting, custom-made clothing handcrafted by your very own dressmaker, me!  Pardon my french, but step into the world of haute couture.  You won't regret it.

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Urban ExodusBarbi the Urban Fashion Designer

Urban Exodus by Eva Folks

Eva Folks is an Ontario, Canada based artist. Her internationally acclaimed Urban Jungle series combines an organic vibrant color palette with the jazzy rhythm of urban life.  Joyous, sexy, funky, and sophisticated her paintings reflect the kinetic rhythmic style of Fashion Bertrand.

For information on artist Eva Folks please visit: