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Fashion Betrand:  Urban Jungle Collection

I was thrilled and delighted when Barbara Bertrand requested that I design for her a website and video media promotion of her new collection.  I have been a good friend of Miss Bertrand for about a year. 

As a male model in the 1980s for Southern California New Romantics and Goth Designers:  Electric Chair, Ipso Factor, 13th Hour as well as London based designers: Paul Smith, Jack Laurel and Willie Wear, I have an eye for presentation.

What makes Miss Bertrand's designs so unique is they are seamless, and beautifully fitted to a woman's body. The clothes are versatile. One may dress down for casual wear, or accessorize for evening. Miss Bertrand does not only design her original dresses, but also also accessories such as jewelry and hand bags, and hair and makeup.  

Her Urban Jungle Collection is African inspired with bold prints that paint a tapestry of modern chic metro living in the Urban Jungle.  Her palette is enchanting from black and ivory, rooibos African reds and orange tones, banana yellow, cerulian blue and deep purples. 

Miss Bertrand also designs vintage 1940s-1950s collections, urban hipster casual and bathing suit lines. 

Look for her designs on the streets of LA, at chic beach city verandas, and on the red carpet. 

Long Beach Metro

Summer in the Urban Jungle

Living in Long Beach as a fashion columnist for nearly ten years, I have never lived through such a muggy hot summer with temperatures well into the 100s. 

Viewing rather generic designs from local designers this season, I was truly surprised to come across a new designer on the scene Barbara Bertrand of the designer house Fashion Bertrand. Miss Bertrand's Urban Jungle designs for summer are vibrant, elegant, rhythmic and tailored beautifully to the modern woman.  African inspired, her designs celebrate life in the "urban jungle" without being cliche'd or contrived.  The collections flows beautifully starting with bold banana yellow tones through African reds and orange tones and ending in deep cerulian and turquoise blues and amethyst.  Bertrand takes us on a journey of the exotic lands of Africa and one feels like her collection has direction and is commercial.   I would wear everyone of her designs, and look forward to seeing them in boutiques through out Long Beach and Los Angeles Metro. 

This is the designer to keep your eyes on.

Leisure World Newsletter: Fashion Forward

On Safari:

While searching for summer designers to include in my article on what are the upcoming designs for fashionable ladies in their 60s and older, a professor of music in Club House 4 mentioned the designs of his friend Barbara Bertrand.

After viewing the collection at, I was surprisingly delighted by Barbara's stunning timeless designs.  These African inspired summer dresses are beautifully tailored and flattering to women of all shapes.  The designs may be dressed down for casual wear with sandals.  Great beach city living casuals.   They may also be dressed up with accessories and jewelry for a night on the town.  These dresses are perfect for church, concerts, and evenings dining.  

I love that she has thought of color tones for all skin tones.  Her collection contains bold black and ivory prints, warm reds and oranges  and cool turquoise and charcoal grey tones. 

Miss Bertrand is available for commissioned pieces and her safari inspired dresses are reasonably prices around $250-300.  You may view her collection at