Fashion Bertrand


 Barbi Betrand wearing "Predator" from her "L'Electrique" Collection


My aesthetic philosophy

I design for all women regardless of age, shape, height and proportion. I celebrate a woman's natural beauty, and assist my internationally diverse clients to develop their own unique fashion sense.  I’m not limited by age or the opinion that at sixty-year-old woman should dress a certain way.  Here is whom I design and create for:  Any woman, any style, with loving consult on how to bring out my client's natural beauty. It could be the woman who loves that flowing dress that is bright with a doubled bodice to support her chest.  Or the one who sees herself in a tailored 50’s inspired retro look.  I sew that special something she fell in love with because of its unique look.
As women we give all of ourselves to family and job.  Creatively we can neglect ourselves.  My designs are for girls like myself who are shaped a little differently.  Here’s an example.  I have a defined muscular back and an ample chest.  I often find it difficult to shop for myself.  I design clothes for women like me who are not classically shaped.  I adore flowing summer dresses with a bare back and nice belt.  My favorite seasons are spring and summer. I love ethnic and floral prints. I love the versatility of my designs.  My dresses can be dressed down with sandals for the beach or brunch with friends, and dressed up for a night on the town.  My dresses and accessories are layered so one is versatile for all seasons. 
I wear what I want and what I feel good in.  I believe that if you love it and you feel good in it, wear it.  Rock your style.  I modeled many of my outfits to inspire girls and let them know, we are all beautiful at all ages.  We are timeless & ageless.  Do not allow media and cheap trends dictate your style.  Develop your own fashion sense with your "Fairy Godmother Fashion Sista" Barbi.  Never limit yourself.  Expand your vision and take chances.  OWN YOUR STYLE. I'm here to support you!
Commissioned Designs and Accessories:  I am available by appointment only for any design commissions after a meeting and initial consult.  My consult fee is $75.00 cash only for an initial appointment lasting approximately 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Initial Consult: I will meet with you to discuss your needs, make suggestions on design, fabric, styles that will be flattering to your body type and to get to know your style.  I also give consult on hair, makeup and beauty.
  • Designs: Designs are individualistic, and for all price ranges from $250 and up. 1/2 commission payment will be taken during first measurements of body and fabric swatch presentation, final 1/2 will be paid after final alteration, fitting and style.
  • Specials and Promotions: Be sure to ask about specials and promotions. I do give family discounts for orders of 3 garments or more, as well as discounts on my couture lines for those commissioning personalized garments.  I also give discounts on accessories.  

Barbi Bertrand's Beauty Checkup: Do you feel lost in what to wear? Do you have difficulty putting your wardrobe together, and knowing what accessories to choose?  Do you feel ready for a personal makeup change but don't know where to start? Maybe you have a horror story of a salon disaster or had a seamstress/designer destroy a garment?   Whatever your fears... "Your Fairy Godmother Fashion Sista" Barbi is here to make it "mo' better".

  • 30 min consult:  $50.
  • 60 min consult: $100
  • 90 min consult: $150

** Those who enroll in at least 2 sessions with Barbi in "Beauty Checkup" will receive the amazing value of 25% off all designs and accessories:

PRIVATE COLLECTION VIEWING: I will be most delighted to show my collections to you with private viewings out of my fashion house, by request:  Cash only for viewings. Up to 3 people for a a viewing (ages 14 and up only).  For the safety of my garments no smoking or animals are allowed  at my fashion house. 

  • $50 (1 collection of your choice): Includes models, tea and sweets, discussion on designs and free alteration if you buy a design
  • $100  (2 collections of your choice): Includes models, tea and sweets, discussion on designs, and free alteration if you buy a design
  • $200:  (My complete collections): Includes modes, tea and sweets, discussion on designs, and free alteration if you buy a design.   

Note: Since I'm often booked 2-3 months in advanced with my international roster of clients including working women, retired ladies, celebrities and models, it is best to book with me or my secretary via phone as I can not respond to the the 1000s of emails I receive daily.


  • All viewings and consults fees are to be paid in cash only. 
  • All commissioned designs may be paid in full up front or 1/2 at commencement of measurements and design presentation and 1/2 after final alterations and fitting. 
  • I charge a $30 dollar fee for a returned check. Once a check is returned, I will only do business via cash on commencement of service.
  • I need a 24 hour cancellation notice for any missed appointments, consults, or fittings or the client will be charged full price. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Cancellations must be made by phone or in person only (no texting or emails please.)

Ageless Beauty: I look forward to assisting you to feel and look radiantly beautiful. Welcome to Fashion Bertrand!


Your Fairy Godmother Fashion Sista: Barbi.